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moncler size chart Outlet Sale Save more than 75% for the coming ThanksGiving Day!the biggest discount for the Christmas Day!

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Size Guide

Havaianas sizes are Brazilian, we have converted the sizes so you just need to pick your UK size.

UK Size Brazil Size Size in cm EUR size US size 2/3 33/34 22.5 35/36 3 3/4 35/36 23.5 37/38 4/5 5/5.5 37/38 25 39/40 6/7 6/7 39/40 26.5 41/42 7/8 8/9 41/42 27.5 43/44 9 10/11 43/44 28.5 45/46 10/11 12/13 45/46 30 47/48 12 You have no items in your shopping cart.

Some of Our Products White Havaianas with Brazil flag

£19.99 White Slim Season Havaianas 2013

£23.99 Navy Blue Brazil Logo Havaianas

£21.99 Navy Blue/Grey Top Mix Havaianas

£19.99 Gold Slim Havaianas